An Open Letter To Drew at the Washington Square Apple Store

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Drew,

You were my second open letter. We met when you sold my mom a new desktop for my sister. I wrote to you from my other (now inactive) blog. The gist of that letter was “you are ridiculously good looking, let’s date and also I apparently go to school with your brother.” In retrospect, this was silly. Erin and I were Christmas shopping this past December and we ran into you. Turns out you are not as cute as I remember and you were being incredibly annoying while trying to force me to get MobileMe. But what did I know? At the time I was still in the Honors College at UO and didn’t even know a human could look like Andrew Garfield does. I hadn’t started watching Battlestar Galactica yet! It was a ridiculous way to live.

Thanks for not being as cute as I thought. I hope the MobileMe subscription spiel is working out for you with other people and say hi to your brother for me.

Love, Amy