An Open Letter To Tyra Banks

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Tyra,

Thanks for teaching us how to sign your autograph on Top Model l a few weeks ago!! Really valuable stuff. Last week, I really enjoyed the bits where you monopolized all the camera time talking about how it’s not all about you.

But my favorite part was when you made it very clear to Brittani that you hate her and wanted her gone. I mean, I am very much not on her side anymore (who acts like an idiot in front of Nigel Barker? He is HANDSOME. I’m not sure I’d even be able to speak in complete sentences in front of him let alone go batshit crazy on Alexandria while he is standing there watching), but wow. You really don’t like her! That said, the photos were actually kind of cool last week so that’s exciting!

Oh, and your music video is still one of my favorite things EVER.

Counting down the hours until Wednesday night at 8! <3 <3 <3 LYLAS LOL.

Love, Amy