An Open Letter To My New Bag

by Amy Lindorff

Dear New Bag,

Good Lord you are beautiful. What did I ever do without you?

I am going to put so much stuff in you! My wallet, my keys, old gum wrappers, parking garage tickets, Netflix DVDs that I will still manage to forget to put in the mail, that receipt from the CVS self-checkout (forever reminding me that I did in fact purchase an InStyle magazine, Chips Ahoy and nail polish at 10:30pm one night because I’m AWESOME AND TOTALLY HAVE A LIFE) and lots of bobby pins. You’re going to love it.

Once you are full of all these magical things, I am going to take you everywhere. We’ll probably start at King’s Road (Johnny might give you a kiss!) and then come back home for a few hours. Then we’ll go to Plancha and get shrimp tacos. Then (and this is where it begins to get really exciting) we’ll come back home and I’ll take a nap while you sit on the kitchen table and do your best to ignore the whining noises the dogs will be making because no one is taking them hiking. Eventually, I’ll wake up and work on the internship research (because I am evidently destined to be an intern at various non-profits and TV shows for the foreseeable future). At some point I might take a shower and we’ll go meet Jerry and Dusty somewhere (Larchmont? Toast? Lulu’s? The possibilities are endless) to eat and judge passersby. If you’re really lucky I’ll take you to Silverlake and we’ll eat quiche and/or crostinis at Forage. Basically, we will be doing a lot of eating. I know my talents.

Next week you’ll go to work with me. Maybe we’ll even get to pick up the catering and climb out the back door of the car because the parking spots at CBS are so small! You missed out on the Great Mixing Bowl Search of 2010, which happened in October – but that’s probably for the best. I was mean to the bag that accompanied me on that week-long journey, but sacrifices must be made for television. After all this hustle and bustle we will go to Urth on Sunday night for more coffee and maybe-not-quite-quiet-enough judging of passersby with Jerry and Dusty.

Aren’t you glad Aunt Molly sent me that Anthropologie gift card for college graduation and now we are best friends?! Me too. Welcome to Blackburn Station where the only rule for my possessions is “try to not get peed on by Meme the min-pin.” You’ll be great at it and we are going to have a good run. I can just feel it.

Love, Amy