An Open Letter To Molly Callaway (and Peter Holmes)

by Amy Lindorff

Dearest Molly,

In September 1996 ER won an Emmy for Best Drama, Alanis Morissette’s first tour came to an end, and I met you. You had just moved to Hillsboro and we were in the same second grade class. Months later we were playing Barbies almost every weekend (you had the pink stretch limo and I was unbelievably jealous) and loaning each other Baby-Sitters Club books. We occasionally worked as an unstoppable writing team, our best work obviously being this:

I can’t remember how the “BIRDNEST MOVE” went, but if we were in charge I’m sure it went splendidly for about ten minutes and then devolved into something completely different including, but not limited to a song, dance, song and dance, art project, or fort building extravaganza in your bedroom/living room/dining room.

There were a few very dark years when we were not in the same class and didn’t spend quite as much time together. But then came sixth grade. We were reunited and as badass as ever. The addition of Becky made our duo a trio, resulting in stunning photos such as this one:

Left to right: Molly, Becky and Amy, in all our 12 year old glory.

Through middle and high school, the fun continued. Then I left for college. You came to visit, we ate Thai food when I came home on the occasional weekend and, most importantly, you were there for me during some rough times. We have been friends for 15 years now (which technically means we owe each other some crystal); I’ve known you longer than I’ve known my own sister.

Tomorrow you get married and it breaks my heart that I can’t be there. You have been and still are one of the most important people in my life and well over half of my best childhood memories were made with you. I know we are supposedly all grown up now, but I will never be able to forget where we came from: singing along to No Doubt and Britney Spears while making instant mashed potatoes with macadamia nuts underneath your parents’ dining room table.

As for you, Peter: I still haven’t met you but you seem like a fantastic gentleman and I know that Molly (and Steve and Joan for that matter) would never settle for anyone who was less than perfect as an addition to the family. I cannot wait to meet you, hopefully this summer, and to see you and Molly all settled in to your new life.