An Open Letter To My Car

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Miley,

I’m really sorry that I smashed you into that Lexus. I didn’t mean to I swear. I’m also really sorry that Dustin’s dog threw up on your front passenger seat a little bit. He didn’t mean to either I’m sure. He’s just a puppy. And as many people have told me (I’m looking at you Michael Stave) I’m not a great driver so really you should be thankful that after almost 6 months total of off and on driving in LA there hasn’t been MORE damage. Obviously there is more damage to you, but the rest of it happened in Oregon so it doesn’t count. AND you’re welcome for not being the car I was driving on Netarts highway that night when I hit the deer. I do still feel bad though. I promise that after your visit to the body shop I will have you detailed inside and out and you will be shiny new like when Rick sold you to me (not this Rick, but still an awesome guy).

Love, Amy

P.S. Maybe after you are all fixed up and like new my dear sweet sister will give you a new name. Or I’ll even let you pick! Which Disney/pop sensation would you like to be named after this time?