An Open Letter To The Backstreet Boys

by Amy Lindorff

Dear AJ, Brian, Howie, Nick and Kevin,

I can’t tell you how much I love when one of your songs comes on when my entire iTunes library is on shuffle. There is only a 37/4063 chance that it happens (yes I have three different albums and no I have no idea if 4063 is actually a high number for iTunes) but when it does, it is magical. I am instantly transported back to late elementary school, which were some seriously good times. My friends and I would always pretend that each of you was one of our boyfriends and would fight over who got to have Brian, because that was obviously the hottest name. I was so worried about you, AJ, when you went to rehab. I just wanted you to be able to sing! It seems like you have maybe turned things around and apparently you all did something with New Kids on the Block? I couldn’t bring myself to figure out what exactly that was because to me, BSB cannot be anything other than what it was back in those good old days. You were magic and it can never be recreated.

I recently heard some classic BSB in public even! This sparked a very serious conversation with the person I with about which album was your finest work. I think I have to say Black and Blue, although Millennium has a special place in my heart as well. Thanks for singin your hearts out back in the day. I will always love you.

Love, Amy