An Open Letter To Anthony’s Westside Auto

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Anthony’s,

You are terrible. No one should ever take their car to you. After all the nonsense you put me through over the last two weeks (only three days of which you were actually doing anything to my car) you could have at least vacuumed all the dog hair out of my backseat. I’ll be telling everyone I know how much I hate you and will never be bringing my car to you ever again. That is a potential loss of a good amount of business given my new found talent for hitting things with my car. Way to go.

Filled with hatred,


P.S. Did you really think that I wouldn’t notice the piece of the driver’s door that was missing? Did you really think I would just drive away without it? Did you really think you could get away with that? I mean, the rear passenger door, maybe, but part of the driver’s door? I was obviously going to use that one before I left your shop. Nice try though.

P.P.S. I was going to list all the lies you told me, but I wanted to keep this under 1000 words. You’re welcome.