An Open Letter To Rebecca

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Rebecca,

Oh my goodness, it feels like I haven’t seen you in ages. How’s Paris? I hope your boss isn’t working you too hard and that you are having some relaxation time (same goes for Secretariat – give him my best). You’re done shooting now, right? Very exciting. I can’t wait to see/hear how it all turned out. We will obviously have to hit up Jan’s when you’re back. Thanks for introducing me to that place, by the way. I had no idea old people even lived in LA! I am loving all the pictures you are posting. Looks like some really fantastic things have been happening and you look gorgeous in each one.

Everything is the same here. No dogs have pooped in the house for almost five days! My car is all fixed too – no more dangly front bumper. I was also offered a job! Unfortunately it was in Agoura Hills and after a lot of crying on the phone with my mom and a friend from home (who I hadn’t talked to in months and was very surprised to get any phone calls from me, let alone a hysterical one, sorry, Michael) I decided to hold out for something with a shorter commute.

Keep having fun and posting pictures and see you soon!

Love, Amy

P.S. Your hint at Andrea’s goodbye party that you hoped I’d someday write one of these for you clearly worked. And I suppose this means I’m taking requests. Alert the masses.