An Open Letter To Brian McGinn

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Brian,

Let’s consider this an open thank you note and let the bullet points take it from there:

  • Thank you for the great feedback I’ve been getting from you on UncleHollywood. I’m glad you’re enjoying all the updates and the many things I’ve posted just for you. No need for further thanks, from here on out I’ll just be assuming that you’re enjoying yourself and finding my writing very humorous and engaging.
  • Thank you (and Clara) for arranging the tickets for the Beginners screening the night before you left for Denmark. A really great film.
  • Thank you for the giraffe. It now lives in my car, next to the CDs. It made the big move the day that I got my car back from the body shop after the accident so if anything bad ever again happens to/inside of my car, I will be holding you personally responsible and you will be paying me back in lunches at Forage and book recommendations.
  • Thank you for not being too mad about the period of time that you weren’t allowed in the house.
  • Thank you for posting a thousand pictures a day from Europe. The jealousy is intense.
  • Thank you for having perfectly tousled hair. (While we’re on hair, I have been meaning to tell you that, based on your previous profile picture, you and I apparently had the same bangs when we were young children.)
  • Thank you for leaving the country the day before your roommate got that puppy so that by the time I get to see it it won’t even be a puppy anymore. I really hate puppies.
  • Thank you for telling me to get a library card instead of buying books. Hadn’t thought of that before!

I would close by saying ‘Hope you’re having a blast in Denmark!’ but as mentioned above, I’ve seen the pictures, and you are. So good job. See you when you’re back.

Love, Amy