An Open Letter To Bill Bryson

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Mr. Bryson,

In the last week, I have spent at least an hour every day except one in a bookstore with Jerry. Jerry is my uncle and he is graciously letting me live with him. We have been spending so much time in bookstores because he is desperately in need of a new book since finishing Darin Strauss’s Half a Life and I both have nothing better to do and will never say no thank you to a bookstore run.

He read Half a Life in a day or so and in the next day or so, so did I. It was one of those books that read quickly, was engaging and well written and difficult to put down. We have been through at least four different bookstores (including multiple attempts at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove) and it has been a resounding failure. Today we finally figured out the problem.

We – but especially Jerry – can’t find a new book because you haven’t written one lately.

A Short History of Nearly Everything was out on one of those seemingly arbitrary feature tables at Barnes and Noble and we both instantly proclaimed our love for it and everything else you’ve written. Jerry wanted to read your new book, but it doesn’t exist yet and no one else is quite as good.

So get on it. Otherwise, I’ll have to end up reading Picknick mit Bären to bide the time and make A Walk in the Woods seem new. But that won’t help Jerry any because he doesn’t know a lick of German.

Love, Amy