An Open Letter To Oak Park, Michigan

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Oak Park, Michigan,

You are nuts. Since when are food plants not ‘suitable?’ You know people have to eat to stay alive, right? And that this lady was letting neighborhood kids help her, which is probably keeping them out of trouble and teaching them some valuable life skills? And that it is absolutely ridiculous to send a woman to jail for planting vegetables instead of a front lawn? You think she should move it to the backyard or something? What if the back is already full of vegetables? What if the back is dedicated to fruit trees, or herbs and vegetables only fit in the front? Plus, she is doing this organically. There is not even a risk of poisoning anybody with chemicals. I fail to see any real issue and jail time is in no way an appropriate ‘punishment’ for growing food. I do not care what the city code says, change it. This is ridiculous.

Love, Amy