An Open Letter To Snow Leopards

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Snow Leopards,

The first time I went to the Oregon Zoo I was two years old. We have home video of it and it is pretty adorable. At the end of the trip, my dad bought me a stuffed animal snow leopard, which was a big deal because he didn’t buy me a lot of toys – that was Mom and Grandma’s department. This started a lifelong love of your species. I had snow leopard jigsaw puzzles and a t-shirt that I wore constantly which featured a design not unlike this. I have seen the snow leopard episode of Planet Earth probably fifteen times and you are seriously the best of all the big cats. So the fact that the Wildlife Conservation Society says there are some more of you in Afghanistan is absolutely wonderful news. It’s always nice to hear when an endangered species is doing well, but especially when it’s about you guys, because you are really something special.

Love, Amy

P.S. Your tails are incredible.