An Open Letter To State Farm

by Amy Lindorff

Dear State Farm,

Thank you for a delightful morning. There was some Billy Joel (Piano Man era) on the office sound system and Todd made everything so wonderfully painless. My Oregon auto insurance had expired and my mother’s agent was on to the fact that I no longer lived in her house and thus was not legally allowed to be on her policy any longer. I tell ya, ever since I saw that Harry Potter movie the adult errands have been piling up but this one was the most fun. I can still have the safe driving discount, despite my May accident? Fantastic. I can still have the good student discount even though I graduated? Even better. I can get a six year loyalty discount? Okay. You can make that weird $756 charge for said accident magically go away? Thank the lord above. You can get me renter’s insurance too and that will somehow decrease the total monthly premium? I’m in love and looking forward to a long and pleasant future with you.

Love, Amy