An Open Letter To Friends With Benefits

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Friends With Benefits,

I saw you Friday night with Jerry and Dustin. After seeing the trailer about fifty times in the past few months I was bored of you and didn’t want to go. But Jerry and enough good reviews convinced me. We walked to the Grove after a quick Whole Foods pizza (for Dusty and me) and lemons (for the Master Cleansing Jerry) stop and still managed to get there in time to see the trivia questions before the previews and learn that Mark Whalberg has a tattoo of Bob Marley. Hott.

Like Bad Teacher, another Justin Timberlake thing, I really didn’t want to like you. But also like Bad Teacher, I sort of did. Not because of our boy JT, though. I grew up in the boy band era and listened to my fair share of ‘NSync, but have never really been able to believe sweet Justin in any movie. I think he’s great and want him to succeed, but hate watching him in movies. He does that Mandy Moore thing where he has to sing at least a little bit in every one which annoys me more than almost anything.

I also loved That 70’s Show and still love Mila Kunis, but didn’t like you because of the two leads, which seems to be what most of the reviews are saying. I liked you because of everyone else in the movie: Andy Samberg doing Andy Samberg. Emma Stone in maybe her most hilarious role yet, even if it was one scene and about ten lines I laughed at every single one. Patricia Clarkson being awesome. Woody Harrelson being the funniest gay character in a movie in a long time. Jenna Elfman as the lovely older sister. Richard Jenkins as the sweet old dad. Even Nolan Gould (Luke from Modern Family) as the young nephew going through a magician phase. Each of those roles was perfect in every way and made the movie as good as it was. Two hours of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis would have been impossible, but add in all these wonderful people and the two of them were easier to handle.

Good job being well rounded and even almost making me cry during the scene where JT and Mila are sitting on the Hollywood sign. That was maybe the one moment where I have ever or will ever buy any Justin Timberlake acting. As someone with experience in that area, he nailed it. I probably won’t go see you a few more times in theaters like I did with Bridesmaids, but it was a great way to spend the evening.

Love, Amy