An Open Letter To Larry David

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Larry David,

A few nights ago, I had a dream about you. I generally don’t remember most of my dreams so this was a pretty big deal. In this dream, you and I were hanging out and chatting while waiting at the train station. We were both going from LA to Seattle – I was headed to see Erin, you had an orthodontist appointment. It didn’t occur to me in the dream, but thinking about it now, you should really try to find someone a little closer to LA. Or even someone in LA. You were also wearing bright orange topsiders. Like these, but much, much more orange:

It was more of a pumpkin orange, but those apparently don't really exist.

Looking forward to watching Curb Your Enthusiasm tomorrow night. Thank god Dusty got TV so we can watch it together now! It also means I can write recaps of it for Picktainment. So that’s fun.

Love, Amy

P.S. I’m pretty sure I remember a time when Dusty, Jerry, and I saw you in real life, at the Highland/Franklin intersection, but Jerry says it didn’t happen. Maybe this was another dream about you. I really hope not, because that might make you my most dreamed about person, which would be weird.