An Open Letter To The California DMV

by Amy Lindorff

Dear DMV,

I’m pretty sure you lied to me.

Yesterday, I came in to change my Oregon license to a California one. Everything was actually going really well. I had made an appointment and you stuck to it. Once I got my number I waited a total of three seconds before it was called, had my picture taken and took the written test. I passed and was so happy. Then you said that you don’t accept provisional licenses which I apparently have because I was a minor when I got my Oregon license. I have 2 questions:

  1. Couldn’t the first (of three) ladies I talked to who looked at my license which has “PROVISIONAL” emblazoned across the top in blue and white have said something instead of passing me along?
  2. Isn’t pretty much everyone a minor when they get their first license?

I would have loved to have gotten a fancy new non-provisional license sometime in the past five years, but lucky for me, my current one doesn’t expire for another three years. I don’t mind having to call the Oregon DMV and have them fax a bunch of documents to you, but if I come in again for my appointment tomorrow and you tell me that I still can’t get a California license I will be very upset. You already have my $31 so just figure it out already.

Here’s where the lie comes in. My cousin, Dustin got his California license a few months ago. He is certain that he had the same sort of provisional license business going on since he was a minor when he got it in Oregon. He did not have to call the Oregon DMV or have any documents faxed.

If there is something I am missing here, do let me know.

Love, Amy

P.S. “Sharrow” is the most ridiculous name for a pavement marking ever in the history of pavement markings. Please rename and update the driver’s manual accordingly.