An Open Letter To Emily

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Emily,

Happy birthday, kid sister. When you were born, I was playing with Michelle and Ryan on their giant Rainbow Playground at the Carlton house. Then we drove to the hospital and I met you. You had a lot of hair. After a while, you grew up a little and got super adorable:

Being the baby, you got everything I ever wanted. The playhouse in the backyard, the play kitchen in your room. A loft bed. One of those rugs that doubled as a town for Hot Wheels to drive on.

Now you are super old and almost a real person. You still have lots of hair though, and since I know what present Mom got you, you can rest assured you are still getting everything I’ve ever wanted. I hope Samson is nice to you today and that Grammy made you all kinds of delicious treats. Wish I was there.

Love, Amy