An Open Letter To The People Doing This Research

by Amy Lindorff

Dear People Doing This Research,

Let me make it easy for you: the answer is yes.

Of course introducing a creative storytelling element will make science class more fun. Are you kidding? The only reason I got through Accelerated Chemistry in high school was because Erin and I (and probably some combination of Jennifer/Becky/etc.) covered our periodic tables in cartoon drawings, used Star Wars for as many of our applications as we could and invented a secret past life for Dr. Scholl’s mustache. Without all that it would have been misery. I still have the drawing Erin did for me on the day we made “ice cream.” And atomic radii would have never made any sense to me unless I had made a forest out of them. I don’t care what your fancy research eventually says, the answer is yes.

Love, Amy