An Open Letter To Viktor’s Leather Jacket From Project Runway

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Viktor’s Leather Jacket,

I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for over three years, though the last year or so things have really gotten serious. Banana Republic almost made my dreams come true, but it wasn’t quite perfect. Now there is you. You are it. The search is over.

Viktor made you so well and you are the best thing anyone has made this season. I don’t even care that technically you are part of Heidi’s line for New Balance, my least favorite brand of athletic shoes. There is no big stupid N anywhere on you and you are gorgeous and I will wear you everywhere and never take you off. Get in my closet right this second. We will have so much fun together, I promise.

Love, Amy

P.S. I checked all over Amazon and even though Heidi said you would be there, I cannot find you. Somebody tell me when you are available. I want you day before yesterday.

P.P.S. FOUND YOU. First person to buy you for me wins a prize.