An Open Letter To Adam Scott

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Adam,

You are now my favorite actor. I’m not exactly sure who it was before, but you are it now. I was on the fence about you when you first came onto the Parks and Recreation scene, but over the last few months you have convinced me that you are the best ever. First, you got better and better on Parks, with you and Amy Poehler being probably the cutest couple currently on television. On at least one occasion I was crying for almost an hour and then I watched Little Sebastian. The way you say “horse funeral” can never not make me laugh. Then Bridger told me about Party Down. I have a fair amount of issues with Jane Lynch, but you and Janis Ian from Mean Girls were just wonderful and that show in general was such a fun surprise. I saw The Aviator before I knew who you were, but loved you in it nonetheless. I haven’t seen Step Brothers which will upset, but not surprise, at least one person who doesn’t believe I’ve ever watched a movie in my life, but I heard good things about you in that too. You were also apparently on Boy Meets World which I LOVED.

Most recently, I have gone to see Our Idiot Brother two times now. Paul Rudd was great, but you were greater. That movie is what did it for me. From now on, you are my favorite. Parks an Rec cannot start soon enough.

Love, Amy

P.S. I may have seen Our Idiot Brother twice, but managed to not have to pay for it either time so technically I am not helping you out any at the box office this weekend. Which you guys clearly need. I’m really sorry. It’s an awesome movie.