An Open Letter To Amy Poehler

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Amy,


I cannot even begin to describe the joy that you have brought into my life. Kaitlin at the Mall. Kaitlin’s Instrument. The Kaitlin sketch with Tom Brady in which Kaitlin does the Chicken dance. Every movie I’ve ever seen with you in it. Gob’s wife on Arrested Development. That UCB Asssscat that is streaming on Netflix. And this is all even before Parks and Rec which I cannot stop watching. Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s becoming a problem. I hope that your birthday is everything you hoped and dreamed it would be and that it continues well into Sunday and you win all the Emmys, especially Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. You are so so funny and anytime I am sad all it takes is any one episode of Parks to cheer me up. Thank you for all the laughs and I can’t wait for the new season of Parks and Rec and anything else you are doing in the future. Have a wonderful birthday.

Love, Amy

P.S. Tell your husband, Will Arnett, that I am so glad Up All Night is pretty funny. I was worried about him after Running Wilde didn’t do well, so this is a relief. He is so funny and I want great things for him. Fingers crossed for him at the Emmys this weekend to make it a double win in your house.