An Open Letter To The Carrie Diaries

by Amy Lindorff

Dear The Carrie Diaries,

No offense, but I am not convinced that you are necessary. Though I was a little young at the time and missed the Sex and the City business, I know people really liked it and that’s lovely. But maybe its lovely enough on its own and a prequel is overdoing it. The Sex and the City movies certainly didn’t make the franchise any more appealing and if anything wiped out any interest I may have had to get into the series on DVD.

I’m also pretty sure that there are plenty of high school shows on the air right now. Isn’t one Gossip Girl type show enough? The only bright spot I see in this is that Sarah Jessica Parker will not be involved. I cannot stand her one bit.

Maybe you will be wonderful and hilarious (or dramatic depending on what you are going for) and will find an audience that is happy to watch you, but I am just not interested. Now a Golden Girls prequel is something I would watch – seeing those ladies at the ages of the Sex and the City series women? LOADS of laughs and drama, I’m sure of it.

Love, Amy