An Open Letter To Facebook

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Facebook,

We both know you and I have a troubled past. We tried our best to make it work and then I broke up with you for a bit in the Fall of 2009. I let you back into my life late last year and things had been going okay. Then a few days ago you decided you would tell me who my “Close Friends” were (boy did you get it wrong) and yesterday you really went crazy. THEN, this morning I got an email from you telling me that you weren’t going to email me anymore. This amused me since you and I had already had a chat during which I asked you to never email me about anything. You have been abiding by the rules and leaving my inbox alone. Everyone seems to be getting really man at you the past few days and while I’m not going to break up with you (we share too much now, mostly the Open Letters and Ready, Set, Gold! pages), I would love if you would go back to not bothering me via email and telling me what I think is interesting. Pretty sure I can figure that out on my own.

Let’s try make the best of this, okay? I believe in us.

Love, Amy