An Open Letter To NBC

by Amy Lindorff

Dear NBC,

So we’re in the second week of this Whitney business and all I have to say is thank you for giving me an extra half hour every Thursday night to read (or go to El Carmen and have margaritas, depending on how things happen to be going) instead of watching TV. This is the only way I can look at this situation and not cry about the fact that this garbage exists and 30 Rock is not airing. I got through exactly three minutes and thirty-five seconds of Whitney and was mad that I didn’t instead spend that time trying to make a left turn onto Fairfax out of the 3rd Street Whole Foods parking lot. Terrible. I laughed exactly zero times.

I know that Tina Fey had a baby so she is probably busy and that 30 Rock will come back soon. But GOOD GOD. Couldn’t you have replaced it with something funny? Or a full hour of Parks and Recreation every week? A half hour of that could even be reruns, I don’t care. I will watch that. Otherwise I’ll be reading Shopgirl by Steve Martin because no one told me how FANTASTIC that book is before now and I am in love. Sorry, Whitney. The waiter from The Muppet Movie wins at life again.

Good news for me, though: Happy Endings is back and Cheryl Hines is sort of awesome so far on Suburgatory. Those two developments, along with the continuing magic of Modern Family mean that Wednesdays on ABC are quickly becoming my new go to comedy night. Your move, guys.

Love, Amy