An Open Letter To Today

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Today,

Thank you for being the best day of all time. Here is what made you so great, roughly in chronological order:

  1. Matt the King’s Road barista asked where I had been recently and said to come have breakfast on Sunday and hang out with him while he baristaed.
  2. Johnny at King’s Road told me I looked so pretty.
  3. I had a great meeting with Hallie.
  4. Jerry and I had Chipotle for lunch.
  5. I had just enough hours at work to earn some money but not get mad.
  6. Erica and I had Yogurtland and a great conversation.
  7. I picked up my MacBook from the Apple Store. They replaced the display AND battery at no charge no me and it was shiny new and clean.
  8. I hung out and watched TV with Bridger and broke in the MacBook again by getting a fair amount of chocolate on the keyboard.
  9. I now have A LOT of gum.
  10. There is going to be a very fresh start in the boy department.
  11. Jerry brought home surprise Taco Bell.
  12. I got mail from baby sister kitten Emily, the best 14 year old person who exists on the face of the earth.
  13. It is the last day of September, which has been the least fun month so far this year.
  14. It is the last night sleeping on the sofabed at Blackburn Station. Tomorrow I have a real life Blackburn bedroom.

Thank you for all of this and let’s go, October. We are going to have FUN. Everything is going my way.

Love, Amy