An Open Letter To The US Economy

by Amy Lindorff

Dear US Economy,

Hi, feel better, please. Apparently the fact that you are sad is turning all the people my age into a Lost Generation. We are not moving away from home or finding jobs, because there aren’t any. I guess I got lucky. I was able to move away from home, though technically, I guess I just moved into a different home with different family. I owe Jerry big time for that. I also defied current logic and became part of the 2.4% who opted for a long distance move.

But you are definitely causing trouble for me. An Environmental Studies degree was supposed to be this great thing with all sorts of “green job” options, but all I’m able to get paid for is freelance writing and part time Project Managing for a nonprofit. Let’s work on that together, okay?

Love, Amy

P.S. I am putting off having a child, but not due to the economy. More on this tomorrow.