An Open Letter To Fred Savage

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Fred Savage,

I have lived in LA for roughly a year, and spent four or five of those months working on a television show that featured two famous people guests a night. As a result, I have had quite a few celebrity sightings. I sort of freaked out a bit when I saw Tina Fey, but nothing could prepare me for last night.

I was driving home from a day long work event Westchester – at which there was not nearly enough free food – crying because of the lack of food and approximately five other things. So I called Jerry and we met at Peet’s in Larchmont. We were innocently chatting. I was complaining about my day and those five things and then we got down to some serious brainstorming.

All of a sudden I thought I recognized a voice. I turned and it was you. I didn’t even try to be polite, I just interrupted Jerry as rudely as possible because oh my god it was really you. I have never been more starstruck by a celebrity.

See, one of my earliest childhood memories is of freaking out in the bathtub because the bath was going too long and I was going to miss the new episode of The Wonder Years, or as I referred to it, The Kevin Show. It was the highlight of my week. Kevin Arnold was my very first celebrity crush. I really didn’t even know that the song “A Little Help From My Friends” was by The Beatles or in any way significant outside of The Wonder Years until I was probably fifteen. Even then I wasn’t sure I believed it. I wanted to be Winnie. I wanted long straight hair and to be dating Kevin Arnold. I now watch A LOT of television and have a number of shows that I follow devotedly, but The Wonder Years was the one that started it all.

The only photo in the history of photos in which a human is cuter than a puppy.

So imagine my surprise when, as a slightly older child, grown up Kevin Arnold appeared on my second major television obsession, Boy Meets World. THEN when I realized that you were Cory’s real life older brother, I almost couldn’t handle all the information. You Savage boys WERE my childhood and set the stage for my current love of television. So really, it makes so much sense that you have been involved with Party Down, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Happy Endings (my love of which you can read all about on Picktainment), three of my current favorite shows.

I literally wrote a paragraph about you for the Picktainment Happy Endings article LAST NIGHT. Less than twenty-four hours later, there you were. For reals. The earliest and most significant pop culture influence of my first ten years of life, right there in the flesh on Larchmont between 1st and Beverly. This was honestly one of the biggest deals of my life in LA so far. I hope you had an enjoyable evening.

Love, Amy