An Open Letter To David Cross

by Amy Lindorff

Dear David,

I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing you on television until last night on Modern Family. First I got worried that maybe I had imagined the news that you were going to appear in the episode, but then right at the end, you finally showed up and it was well worth the wait. You are a very, very funny human.

So thank god for the good news that Arrested Development seems to be on its way back to television. It has been too long. Almost equally exciting (because I can’t not eat dessert) is that Ben and Jerry’s is apparently making a Tobias inspired ice cream flavor. Can anything in life get any better? Can’t wait to see you on television again, hopefully as a Bluth, but really, I’ll take anything I can get. Will Arnett has a new show, you know. Maybe get yourself a recurring role on that business? I mean, you can handle your career however you want, but it’s something to consider.

Can't go on much longer without this in my life.

Love, Amy