An Open Letter To Commissary

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Commissary,

Every time I go to you I feel like I am cheating on King’s Road. But you have free WiFi, which is helpful. Then the other day you really sold me by playing Madman Across the Water in full. None of this Elton John’s Greatest Hits garbage where all you hear is Candle in the Wind and Your Song. Madman is from a time when Elton John was more about music than he was about glitter and though I didn’t live in that time, I was raised on that music and it’s just good stuff. It’s nice to hear it in all its glory, not just the big hits. So thank you.

Love, Amy

P.S. If you ever play Crocodile Rock we are going to have a serious problem and I will make our break up as miserable for you as possible.