An Open Letter To Emma Stone’s Lanvin Dress

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Emma Stone’s Lanvin Dress,

Heyyyy. I’m really sorry you had to go to a premiere of The Help. I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes or anyone says, that was a terrible, terrible movie. BUT, you got to hang out in Hamburg, which I bet was awesome. I will get to Germany someday for sure.

I promise to always smile and never make this kind of bitch face when I am wearing you.

At least one site I saw said that they didn’t feel like you were Emma’s best look. They are probably right because you would look best on me. I have plenty of room in my closet and it doesn’t matter that we won’t really have anywhere to go. It will be enough that we are together. Plus, another person I know will surely get married in the next few years so I’ll need something nice to wear. You’re just such a lovely color and I am loving your bodice.

I want you even more than I want these Prada Booties. And I want those shoes A WHOLE LOT. Come live in my closet please.

Love, Amy