An Open Letter To Planet Blue

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Planet Blue,

I love the idea of you and was very interested in well over half of the clothes you had in stock in Malibu last weekend. But why so expensive? I can easily get everything you were selling for half the price somewhere else, and I wouldn’t have to drive out to Malibu. Are you charging extra because you are owned by Olivia Newton John? I can’t imagine she’s hurting for cash. I did appreciate the placement of the rocks that said “honesty” and “boyfriend,” but the fact that you were selling rocks at all was worrisome. Those rocks with words etched into them are stupid. I’m saying it.

This little number would probably set you back $200 at Planet Blue and Olivia doesn't even seem to care.

In any case, I didn’t buy anything and was glad I didn’t because after I left you, I went to James Perse. I need absolutely everything they sell and will pay whatever I have to. THOSE are clothes.

Feel free to let me know if you are having a sale or decided to lower your regular prices.

Love, Amy