An Open Letter To Top Chef Texas

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Top Chef Texas,

I never thought I’d see the day when you tried to be more like Top Chef ripoff, MasterChef. It isn’t the Texas theme that bothers me, that is actually sort of interesting (though based on the first episode, it didn’t seem to mean much). What bothers me is that the first two episodes of this season are apparently a bunch of semi-finalists battling it out for their Top Chef jacket. Which is what the MasterChef semi-finalists did with their MasterChef aprons. This doesn’t add more drama, it bores me to tears.

THEN you brought in Emeril Lagasse as a regular judge, joining Tom and Padma. He is doing his best to be all serious and make Gordon Ramsay worried faces, but I will never forget about his shortlived, impressively terrible, sitcom (not your best move, NBC). Based on the rest of that Wikipedia entry, the man has almost as many shows as Ramsay, but who has ever heard of any of them? Emeril Live wasn’t bad, but there is a reason why I haven’t liked anything else I’ve seen him do: the man can be incredibly annoying.

You’re over thinking it, Top Chef. Stick to bringing in 16 amazing chefs and let them dazzle me each week with their ability to create some truly beautiful food.

Love, Amy