An Open Letter To Nancy Grace

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Nancy,

Hello, it’s me, Amy! You may remember me from all my love letters to Tristan and from about an hour ago on 3rd Street outside Sushi Roku. I was the brown-haired girl walking with the red-haired girl and we were carrying all the Marshall’s bags (I can’t resist a deep discount on designer brands!). Your husband definitely saw us staring.

I’d apologize for the staring, but I don’t really care. In fact I wish you had seen us and asked why we were staring so I could have asked you for Tristan’s phone number. I know you have it. I also have a lot of questions for you:

  • What is it like to dance with/gaze into the eyes of/breathe the same air as/talk with Tristan?
  • Was Tristan at dinner with you? Was he running late? Were you done with dinner and just waiting because he was in the bathroom and you hadn’t said a proper goodbye for the night? If I had waited a couple minutes, would I have seen him with my own eyes?!
  • Did you also think it was funny in the premiere of DWTS when your daughter was caught picking her nose on camera?
  • You looked like maybe you were in work out gear? Are you training for a big dance for the finale?
  • Is Bar Method were you shot some of the footage for the film packages each week?
  • Are you going to be back on 3rd (maybe with Tristan) anytime soon?
  • I live mere blocks from Sushi Roku, would you like to come say hello? I have fancy cheeses and chocolates from my dear, sweet mother that I would be willing to share!
  • Are you looking for 3rd Street restaurant suggestions? Because I highly recommend Plancha Tacos.

Congratulations on making it as far as you did on the show and I hope the sushi was delicious.

Love, Amy