An Open Letter To The Parks and Rec Writing Staff

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Parks and Recreation Writing Staff,

Which one of you wrote the Mighty Ducks 2 joke in last night’s episode, “The Treaty.” I need to know because I need to marry whoever it was because that is my favorite joke of all the jokes in the current seasons of all the shows I watch (which is most of the shows).

I know someone who once said to me “I don’t watch Parks because I don’t think they’ve ever done a joke.” This person doesn’t know what he is missing and I told him as much.

Also, I am 90% certain that Ben and Leslie are the most believable and adorable couple on television since Eric and Tammy Taylor, even when they aren’t technically a couple. Stay awesome, you guys.

Love, Amy

P.S. That blue and white striped shirt Leslie wore in “End of the World?” I have that same shirt. J. Crew, right? You people bring serious joy to my life. Thank you.

P.P.S. More Andy Dwyer reaction shots please. There can’t be enough of them.