An Open Letter To The 20th Duggar Child

by Amy Lindorff

Dear 20th Duggar Child,

I know it is not your fault that these people are having you, but oh my goodness. Your soon to be family makes me so angry.

There are a million reasons and I could write forever, but watching the finale (I think that is what it was at least, and I honestly don’t care enough to check) one thing in particular stuck out. Your parents were taking questions from viewers and one person asked something along the lines of “how can you justify having so many kids when the world is so overpopulated?”

Your parents replied that overpopulation is a myth. Their reasoning for this?

Arkansas has a lot of open land.

First of all, the overpopulation to which I am assuming the viewer was referring is global overpopulation, so only looking at Arkansas is nonsense. Second, overpopulation is not a myth. It is a real term in real science and causes real problems.

Antarctica also has a lot of open land but saying that no one lives there does not mean that the world is not overpopulated. I am glad that your parents love all their kids and seem like generally happy people, but they could use a little help in their argument if they want me to believe that overpopulation is actually a myth.

I hope that you are born healthy and that you are able to successfully learn all the names of your brothers and sisters, in addition to some basic social science.

Love, Amy

P.S. You will apparently never listen to The Beatles. For that I am truly sorry.