An Open Letter To Stephen King

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Stephen,

Thanks a lot for ruining my week. I had such high hopes for all the things I was going to get done. But then you wrote 11/22/63 and Jerry bought it for me for my birthday and now all I can do is lie in bed and read it.

It isn’t the most incredible writing but the plot is such that I just cannot stop reading except to go to Plancha and get tacos so that my stomach will stop rumbling and distract me from the reading. At 849 pages, I have a lot of work to do.

Love, Amy

P.S. On Writing is still a strong second on my list of books that really made me want to write. It was holding the number one spot for a while, until Barbara Ueland took it away. She changed my life. I’ll get back to following her advice once I finish 11/22/63.