An Open Letter To Grimm

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Grimm,

There is a lot of fairy tale nonsense happening on television and in movies lately, between you, Once Upon A Time, and all the Snow White movies and I originally thought that you were one of the better efforts. That opinion might be changing. Lately you have been a bit on the cheesy side and let’s face it, casting your lead from old an MTV Road Rules cast might not have been the best move. The procedural cop show elements of you are also getting a bit tiring, since CSI: Enchanted Forest isn’t something I’m sure I’d ever be interested in. I’m going to keep watching for a while, but Once Upon A Time is doing a better job of winning me over at this point.

Hello, Streetcar.

I do really love that you are set in Portland though. Everything looks so green up there and it’s nice to be reminded that there are places where public transportation is efficient rather than a traffic block up and down West 3rd like it is here in Los Angeles. Can’t wait to be home for the holidays.

Love, Amy