An Open Letter To The Things I Am Thankful For

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Things I Am Thankful For (Things For Which I Am Thankful?),

Let’s take attendance (in no particular order other than the first two are extremely important):

  • My sweetest sister and wonderful momsie.
  • The million, billion things Jerry has done for me in the last year and a half.
  • Blackburn Avenue.
  • The people who work at Plancha (especially the guy who always says “see you tomorrow”).
  • The washer and dryer Ken let us have.
  • Andrea Wayland.
  • My plane tickets to Oregon and Seattle.
  • Erin Peck.
  • My parking pass.
  • All the memories of my dad.
  • Parks and Recreation and Happy Endings.
  • Cook’s Tortas runs with Bridger.
  • That that boy ended things.
  • My job (sort of).
  • Jerry’s WGA card and its associated screenings/screeners.
  • Dusty and Thor.
  • That The Late Late Show still occasionally asks if I want to come in and make some money.
  • This guy.
  • Curious and Meme.
  • That Arrested Development is apparently coming back for reals.
  • A ton of other things that I’m sure will come to me over the next few days.

Good, you’re all here. Please stick around for another year.

Love, Amy