An Open Letter To Barbara Walters

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Barbara,

First People named Bradley Cooper as sexiest man alive and included Tim McGraw on the list (do people actually still think about him? His he still a thing? If he is, I apologize to him for not caring about him since the 90s). Now you have included the Kardashians on your list of 2011’s 10 Most Fascinating People? Did everyone forget how to make lists?

“Fascinating” is defined by the dictionary that came in my computer as “extremely fascinating.” Nothing about the Kardashians is extremely fascinating. We already know every single thing about them. There is nothing extremely interesting left.

I would excuse this if you had just picked Rob and left everyone whose first name starts with a ‘K’ out of it. Rob I actually kind of like, since his Dancing With the Stars run. He was sort of adorable and not a bad dancer. I would be interested in learning more about him. The rest I am only interested in as characters on SNL. Sorry.

Love, Amy

P.S. Can’t for the big reveal of your number one Most Fascinating Person. Given your inclusion of these idiots, I bet it’s going to be really good.