An Open Letter To ABC Family

by Amy Lindorff

Dear ABC Family,

I’m all for your “25 Days of Christmas” special, but I am very confused as to why you spent one of those days on the Harry Potter movies. Yes, there is a Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire and some Christmas scenes here and there in some of the other films, but they are in no way ‘Christmas’ movies. Did you just run out of actual Christmas/holiday movies? Maybe you could just show the Growing Pains Christmas special on a loop for one of the days? That would make more sense than Harry. I am left only to assume that you are helping with The Deathly Hallows’ Oscar campaign and are showing the other films so that Academy voters will remember how terrible some of the early films were, making Hallows look Oscar-worthy by comparison.

In any case, I love me some HP, so I hope you don’t think I’m mad at you. Just confused.

Love, Amy