An Open Letter To Lego

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Lego,

If you want girls to play with Legos, just let girls play with Legos. You don’t have to pretend that Legos are actually a dollhouse or a lame version of Teacher Barbie. Girls really deserve a lot more credit than that. It seems like half of all Lego sets made today are Star Wars related (at least from what I’ve seen), which I have absolutely no problem with. I know at least as many girls who like those movies as boys. Also, when I was a young girl myself, I CONSTANTLY played with Legos. I remember your earlier stabs at girl Legos. I also remember thinking “why are the Legos such weird, seafoam colors? No cool car, or spaceship, or elaborate fortress is going to use this color.”

1994. Before I had really refined my car building skills.

If girls really want to “‘shrink down and be there,'” let them play with Barbies. Legos are not Barbies. Legos are Legos. Just make cool blocks that kids can build stuff with.

Love, Amy