An Open Letter To Awards Season

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Awards Season,

So you’re in full swing. The screeners have been pouring into my mailbox (courtesy of a WGAW card holding uncle) and nominations have been announced by a number of different groups. So far, The Help has been nominated for the most SAG awards of any other film this year, and five Golden Globes, including Best Drama.

This is absolutely insane. There is no way that this movie (which dragged on for days and I believe was marketed initially as a comedy) is one of the top five dramas of the year. Just. No. Way. Maybe it was moved into the drama category because there is exactly one laugh in the entire thing, so the powers that be couldn’t justify it as a comedy? Maybe those same powers assumed that because it deals with race issues it automatically qualifies as An Important Film? Bottom line The Help was boring and not a well made film. It even made me not adore Emma Stone, which I had previously thought impossible. If this is where you are headed this year, Awards Season, I will not be enjoying you as much as usual.

Love, Amy

P.S. While we’re at it – where are all the nominations for Louie? You know that show is the best right? You must. I’m assuming you’ll be issuing a retraction and removing Glee from the Golden Globes Best TV Comedy or Musical list and putting Louie in there. Just because it says “or Musical” doesn’t mean that you HAVE to include a terrible show about nonsense and idiots singing. I mean, really.