An Open Letter To Jade

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Jade,

I don’t know who you actually are but I know that you wrote the following in the comments section of Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘Mommy Blog:’

On January 9, 2012 4:40 pm, Jade said:

“wow! Kourtney i have been watching the Kardashian show since it first came out. Ive gone through my fases on which one of you guys are my favorite…My son, Henley, is Masons age…and i LOVE your parenting skills! its completely obvious that MASON is your NUMBER ONE priority in ur whole life! i love it!! I love how clean you are and dedicated. We have a lot in common! :)”

Kelly Oxford linked to another commenter and I had read about Kourt’s blog thing a few other places so I thought I’d check it out. Your fellow commenters didn’t disappoint either but you really stood out to me. First there was your interesting spelling choice with ‘fases’ and then you finished strong with your love of how ‘clean’ Kourtney is. I don’t have kids but I’m not sure how simply being clean qualifies a person for successful motherhood. Also, have you met Kourtney? Do you actually know if she is clean? Have you smelled the sweet smell of a recent shampoo emanating from her mane? I took a shower this morning, does that mean I should have a baby and be besties with you because we would then have a lot in common? Let me know, gurl.

Love, Amy

P.S. Your grammar is spotty at best. I hope you figure that out and teach Henley how to properly use apostrophes when he is at the age to learn that sort of thing.