An Open Letter To The DVD Of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’

by Amy Lindorff

Dear How To Train Your Dragon DVD,

Remember me? I hope you do, even though by now you have met much more interesting people, like Marc Maron.

To jog your memory in case you forgot: we met sometime between September and December of 2010. You were snuggled in that giant box with all your DVD twins as I unpacked you and stacked you all up in the closet at The Late Late Show. It was a brief encounter, but I certainly remember it.

From there, I guess you went into the guest gift bags, specifically Mr. Maron’s. We likely had our second meeting the day he came to the show as you sat in his dressing room and I, mere yards away, perused the snack selection in yet another closet (there are LOADS of closets at The Late Late Show LOL you have no idea). He then presumably took you home, where you lived until the end of August or so, when you then had another life changing moment. I didn’t hear about it until this week though, when I listened to his appearance on Doug Benson’s podcast, “Doug Loves Movies.” He had brought you there to include as a prize and it was nice to run into you again. Every so often I wonder about what you and all the others from that closet are up to and hearing about you on that podcast was a little like running into an old high school acquaintance at the grocery store when I’m home for the holidays.

Glad you’re doing well and hope that you went to a good home in August and are watched every now and then.

Love, Amy