An Open Letter To ‘Project Runway: All-Stars’

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Project Runway All-Stars,

I know we’re only two episodes in, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do this without Tim Gunn. He’s not the entire reason I watch the show but he certainly makes the workroom a little brighter.

Joanna Coles is fine. I get why she’s there – you couldn’t have Gunn be mentor both to the All-Stars and the new season of regular Project Runway (which were apparently in production at the same time) AND give him enough time for that new, terrible looking thing he is unfortunately a part of over on ABC daytime. I also understand that one of the All-Star prizes is a year long guest editorship at Marie Claire, which Coles editor-in-chiefs. It makes sense for the designers to get to know her a little. But she’s just so boring. Last night, some of her chats with the designers weren’t even about their designs, they were about how they felt about their competition. I don’t care about the workroom drama (and, hello, it was an evening dress, go all out, challenge so everyone’s biggest competition was Austin, no contest) or who think who is the best. I want to know how they make those beautiful clothes so quickly.

Like Austin’s winning dress. I mean look at this thing:

How do you do that it looks so lovely.

Love, Amy

P.S. If there is anything left in your production budget, please buy Angela Lindvall a personality. Maybe they have some at Mood?