An Open Letter To Every Bookstore I’ve Ever Been In

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Every Bookstore I’ve Ever Been In,

As much as I love you guys, I get so ridiculously overwhelmed when I think about you that sometimes I’m not sure I can handle it. I have 145 books on my to read list but every time I’m in one of you I find ten more.

Then I think about all the books I might be missing and that’s when the panic really sets in. Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin wasn’t on my to read list at first. I found it in Seattle when I was visiting Erin. It looked interesting and was reasonably cheap so I bought it even though I knew it would probably put me over on the amount of things I’d be able to fit in my two carry-ons for the flight back to LA. Thank goodness I did because it was one of the more amazing books I have read and not since I read The Book Thief have I reread pages multiple times because the writing was so fantastic.

And that’s the panic. If I hadn’t happened to pick the book up, if it hadn’t been prominently displayed on the shelf, I would have missed it. So how am I supposed to know about every great book that will make me feel like those two did? What if I miss more of them. There is some truly terrible writing for sale at every single one of you I’ve been to and I’ve been burned before. I will try to relax a little about this for now since I am going back to the next 600 pages of Stephen King’s latest so it will be a while before I need to make another reading decision. But please believe that I will be spending a lot of time making a decision when the time comes.

Love, Amy