An Open Letter To The Weekend Brunchers on West 3rd

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Weekend Brunchers,

Let me save you a whole lot of trouble and $$. You are not allowed to park on my part of Blackburn on Saturday and Sunday. Never is that allowed. All the signs say so. You can park in a meter on 3rd or figure something else out, but that something else is not parking in front of my house. Because when you do that two things happen:

  1. You end up paying at least $68 for a parking ticket.
  2. There is nowhere for me to put my car when I get back from driving the half a block to Plancha instead of walking because I have a cold.

I am sick and hungry and grouchy and you dummies need to figure out how to have brunch in your own neighborhood. Toast got a B rating, you guys. Breakfast isn’t that hard, please go to West Hollywood.

Love, Amy

P.S. Do not spend your life savings on a valet who will just park it on my block anyway.