An Open Letter To Heidi Klum

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Heidi,

It’s really too bad about you and Seal getting ready for divorce. Though it doesn’t come as much of a surprise since it seems everyone is getting divorced lately, I never would have thought you two would get in on the fun. Granted, I don’t know either of you, but you always seemed so happy! And your kids are so cute!

Thankfully this wasn’t the most shocking Project Runway related news of the week. That honor goes to all the current All-Stars contestants who spent an hour of television pretending to forget that Miss Piggy is not a real person. I mean, calling her a fashion icon is a stretch, then everyone kept talking about her favorite colors and “great legs” and cocktail dress preferences. The Muppets are great but come on. She is made of felt and her eyes don’t actually work.

I hope everything goes as well as a divorce can and that you come back to Project Runway because your All-Stars replacement, Angela Lindvall, is really the worst.

Love, Amy