An Open Letter To The Churchill

by Amy Lindorff

Dear The Churchill,

So you are Third Street’s trendy new gastropub? More like ‘Third Street’s awful new hangout for terrible people who want to throw away all their money.’ I visited you Saturday night with a few gal friends and god what a nightmare. The drinks were fine, but overpriced and every single staff member was rude and all the patrons were gross, gross, people. We didn’t stick around long and instead went to Goal (Leonardo Dicaprio knows how to run a bar, you guys, what a lovely experience) and then St. Nick’s where things really picked up.

Imagine a place where every table isn’t reserved! What an idea. Probably won’t be coming back, but will absolutely be judging everyone outside when I walk by on the way back from Yogurt Land.

Love, Amy

P.S. Erica and I are going to be making fun of you A LOT in the future so get ready. Girls on Third is alive.