An Open Letter To Ms. Anjelica Huston Regarding Her Involvement In NBC’s ‘Smash:’ Another Perspective

by Amy Lindorff

Dear Anjelica Huston,

I know Megan O’Keefe already wrote to you, and while I agree with everything she said about you and your levels of awesome, I wanted to give you my opinion on your involvement with Smash.

First of all, one episode in, I am already obsessed. Do I think you are the real star of the show? OF COURSE. You are the real star of life, I’m almost certain. I hadn’t heard much about Smash until I was asked to do recaps for Picktainment. I did a quick Google Search,* saw your face (and chic bangs) and immediately got excited. However, I also love a ton of other things about Smash. The short list of mostly superficial reasons:

  • Julia and Frank’s apartment. That backsplash! The way the bookshelf behind the couch forms a little half wall between the kitchen and living room allowing it to serve as both cookbook storage and a place to set candy wrappers so that they would be out of my field of vision as I sat on said couch and watched all your movies in a row, but didn’t have to look at all the candy eating evidence (I’ll deal with it later, not in the middle of The Royal Tennebaums).
  • The music. Look. I used to have the Hello, Dolly! soundtrack on my iPod. I love a good showtune. And Smash has some good showtunes.
  • Katherine McPhee. This one I am embarrassed to admit. I don’t watch American Idol, so I really knew nothing about her and in my head she was the same person as Kelly Clarkson. But she’s kind of adorable.
  • The way music is used in each scene. There were at least three moments during the pilot where music was used as a punch line, separate from the actual musical numbers, which is fun.
  • Ellis. Based on the previews, he’s going to get catty with Debra Messing which I can’t wait to watch. AND he knows how to make both macaroni and cheese and meatloaf which is really all I’m looking for in an assistant/friend/roommate/lover/etc.
  • Raza Jaffrey. What a cutie.

I didn’t find Smash’s handling of body image a problem really. It seemed to me like Karen thinking ‘light’ meant ‘skinny’ was just a function of her being a struggling actress (I have been under the impression that that is something a lot of young models/actresses/famous people deal with, but I might be wrong) and naïve to the industry terms (turned out it was actually her resume that was ‘light’). I do, however, agree 100% with Meghan O’Keefe that you should seduce Jack Davenport or at the very least get the writers to give you some sexy fun with somebody. You deserve it.

You definitely need to demand to be more front and center in the cast. I really think you should be two levels higher in this pyramid of pawing cast members photo:Let Katherine McPhee sit up top and deal with all the interviews and press and annoying parts of being a television star, while you hold her up and delight everyone with your mystery.

So please stay on Smash. Give it that extra kick of awesome it will need to make up for every single ‘Julia and Frank adoption drama’ scene and keep smiling mysteriously. Like O’Keefe, I love this so much, and will be practicing my own version during every commercial break.

Love, Amy

(Sub Open Letter To Meghan O’Keefe: I looked at your Tumblr and ohmygodilovethosebirdearrings and that grilled cheese picture is out of this world. Also, you seem awesome.)

*Not an hour later I was driving to Ralph’s and noticed that there was a giant billboard for Smash not a block away from my house. So close that if I turn my head just right I can see it from my front stoop. I am not always paying attention to things.